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Surprise Set Product Assortment - Grab Bag of Notepads, Cocktail Napkins, & More! - slightly imperfect / discontinued designs

$24.99 $51.00


Who doesn’t love a good bargain and a surprise?! If you’re a RISK TAKER, this is the perfect Kitty Meow Surprise Bundle for you! up 10 Kitty Meow MYSTERY greeting cards and save. Perfect for those who love super cool stuff at a total bargain.

What COULD be inside…

•All surprise sets will total $51 at full price

• 2 Greeting Cards (you’ll for sure get two, but ONLY two, the rest will be other items)

• Cocktail Napkins (sets of 20)

• Notebooks

• Pencil Set (7 Pencils in a Set)

• Cocktail Stick Set

• Big Notepads (5.5”x8.5”)

• Smaller Notepads (4.25”x5.5”)


a mixed selection of...

- old/discontinued designs

- made too many

- slightly imperfect (cracked cocktail napkin box, bent corner, used for display, etc.)

• Packaged up beautifully in blush paper and a fancy sticker!


Percentage off coupons not valid on gift bundles or mystery box bundles.