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Paper goods don't need to be a snooze fest

bringin’ you paper goods that make you feel fierce, funny, and CONFIDENT!

Do YOU strive to be the hostess with the most-ess and up your party game too?!

Yes? Well read on, soul sister!

You’re a busy lady with big personality who strives to be an amazing hostess. But...You don’t always have the time or creativeness to whip together all the gorgeous details that make for a truly memorable event. While you might enjoy wasting your life away pinning pics on pinterest that's probably not how you should be spending your time. I hear you friend, and I’m here to make this process a stress free one. Be prepared for the compliments to start flowing in from family and friends. While it’s not about doing things to get noticed (I mean that's nice too, no doubt)…it’s about making your guests feel loved, valued, and appreciated. It’s about creating an experience that is a reflection of your unique style.

kitty meow believes in…

celebrating moments big & small

on point customer service

making people feel special

beautiful typography

sharing is caring

paying it forward

being thankful

incorporating personality

sharing your strengths

pushing out the noise

So who is this “Kitty Meow”?

Well hello! That’s me, Catherine.

I’m a mommy to three lovely little kiddos & one furry gentleman, wife to an overly fashionable husband, "Do Good"-er, designer, educator & speaker, and late night 90 Day Fiance watcher. 

The name Kitty Meow came from an AOL screen name from back in my college days. (Northern Illinois University - woot! woot!) I used this as the company name during a packaging project of fancy watches for one of my design classes. The juxtaposition of it all was so captivating to me. Fancy box...silly name. A sort of pleasant surprise. I told myself if I were ever to have my own biz one day I would call it Kitty Meow.

The Kitty Meow Boutique brand continues on with that same dichotomy of wittiness mixed with beautiful typography. If you know me personally, that's me to a T. Sometimes my humor can be a little sarcastic and witty, but other times I’m a total sweetheart.

My commitment to you

Is to make you feel like my Number 1! While you won’t be my only customer at any given time. I promise to make you feel like a long lost friend. Customer Service is QUEEN in my book, and unfortunately it seems to be a dying industry. NOT HERE. I’ve been able to go on a journey with all of my long time clients.

From their wedding day, baby showers, the birth of their babes, parties, and so on. To say I've been blessed to “walk beside them” and document some of the biggest and most exciting milestones of their lives is an understatement. I'd love to be able to whip up a fabulous design for YOUR next special occasion too.

So whatta you say, how about you & I go on a little paper adventure together and create a memorable "Kitty Meow" kinda experience?