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Nice! Bejeweled Disco Ball Sticker


Introducing Kitty Meow's "Nice!" - Disco Ball Vinyl Sticker

Perfect for when you want to praise your people for being the best! Place this stylish disco ball with bold pink wording "nice!" anywhere as a compliment for a friend, your neighbor, little or big sister, sarcastic friend, or basic girly, disco ball-loving co-worker. Add it to a birthday party favor goodie bag, a stocking stuffer, or a simple addition to a greeting card!

• 3 inches wide
• Made of thick, high-quality vinyl
• Waterproof
• Dishwasher safe & tested
• Scratch and fade resistant
• Smooth Matte Finish
• Packaged loose

Nice! Bejeweled Disco Ball Sticker Basic Statement Waterproof Sticker