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Baddie Congrats Gift Bundle - Perfect Congratulations Gift for your BFF!

$75.20 $94.00

INTRODUCING KITTY MEOW'S CONGRATS GIFT BUNDLE!! Cause she's a baddie and you know it.

The ULTIMATE congrats gift bundle to gift your bestie or anyone who needs a giant virtual high five and hug in CONGRATULATIONS because they just accomplished something huge and amazing! Maybe that person is YOU. Whatever the case, time to freakin' celebrate it and this bundle is the perfect way to get the party started!  

Ship to yourself to hand deliver OR ship directly to the gift recipient!
You won't have to lift a finger. We'll do all the work (and even write a handwritten love note on your behalf) and you'll like like the Gift-Giving STAR that you are! 

Packaged in a cutie gift box, wrapped like a present - ready to rock & roll!

What's in the Bundle*:

• 1 - Baddie Congrats Candle, 10oz Luxury Soy Candle (pick your scent
• 1 - Live Your Best F-ing Life, Keychain
• 1 - Big Ass Goals, Notebook
• 1 - You Can Do Hard Shit, Greeting Card
• 1 - Bad Ass Money Makin Biatch, Sticker
• 1 - IDGAF Era, Sticker
• 1 - Fierce AF, Pen Set
• 1 - Top Me Off, Cocktail Napkin Set
• 1 - STUFF, Pink Lettering Cosmetic Bag

*If for any reason a particular item is out of stock, we will automatically replace with a comparable item, of the same value and that matches the theme of the bundle.

Candle Scents - Choose from:
• Amber Noir:
 Infused with natural essential oils with notes of plum, amber, jasmine, & musk
• Citrus Agave: Infused with natural essential oils with notes of lemon & orange peel, grapefruit, lime, and sugar

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